H7011 Hydro-Seal Sealing Compound

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H7011 Hydro-Seal Incision Sealing Compound  14oz Bottle

Description: Hydro-Seal is an incision sealing chemical perfected by Hydrol chemists to positively seal any body leakages. You can use this magic chemical for sealing axillary and other arterial incisions, for brain posts, for abdominal and thoracic posts, to prevent leakage from dropsical limbs, burned flesh, leakage from amputations and other operations, and any accident cases where the tissue is mutilated.For treating dropsical limbs after application of embalming fluid, dust all blistered areas with Hydro-Seal, then bandage in the customary way.

Body orifices should be treated first; packing with cotton soaked in Hydrol Cavity Fluid. Then sift a small quantity of Hydro- Seal and opening will be cemented closed.

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Weight 2 lbs