Espana Adult Urn Midnight & Bru Pewter

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The Espana Adult Urn Midnight and Pewter urn is a cremation urn that is both striking and somber, with shining black finish coating much of the surface. The glossy black catches and reflects light in an elegant manner, making this cremation urn emphasize feeling of respect, dignity, and reflection. Complementing the glossy black is a brushed pewter tone, which creates a striking bar across the center of the urn to break up the black and make it balanced.

The brushed pewter is also used lightly across the lid and across the bottom edge of the urn to further provide range of the elegant cremation urn. The Espana Adult Cremation Urn in Midnight is a meaningful and somber way to remember a loved one since passed and is perfectly designed for adding an engraving across the surface of the urn.

Threaded lid opens at top.

Protected with GlossCoat™
Handcrafted with Love by LoveUrns®

Size Standard Adult Urn
Dimensions 17.0L 17.0W 25.5H cms
Capacity 3.2Liter
Material Brass